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Biznes-Kontakt Sp. z. o. o. is a modern and fast evolving company offering wide range of services that are based on the support of export of Polish goods and services as well as the import of foreign goods and services to Poland. We also run very effectively within the framework of external sales departments in which we look for optimal business contacts on foreign markets.

We have business partners in e.g. England, Ireland, Sweden, Canada and Germany who are interested in cooperation with Polish companies in the following fields:

  • commissing Polish companies to produce specific goods
  • purchase of Polish goods to sell them on the third markets
  • search for Polish partners for joint operations


Our goal is the effective search for reliable partners on foreign markets and the conduct of trade deals that bring measurable profits for our customers. We cooperate with manufacturers as well as with service companies. We direct our offer to each company that would like to evolve. If you want to exist on European and world markets, don't hesitate – contact us!