Biznes-Kontakt Sp. z o. o. also provides consulting services. The effects of our work are financially measurable profits that our customers can see in systematic reports. Our efficiency comes from binding various experiences, that our team gained during many years, with a great knowledge received at the best Polish and foreign universities. Our experts were involved in many projects conducted in the majority of European countries and on the other continents as well.

Our offer is not only for large companies, but also for smaller ones that work in local environment. What once was only domain of global business, now gain recognition among smaller units that also need to optimize their own structures and secure their deals. Every company, even those well organized, has fields that can be optimized in order to bring more profits.

Our tasks during the projects are:

  • Other professional training suited for each clients’ needs
  • Development and optimization of the management systems
  • Enterprises restructuring  
  • Optimization of delivery chains
  • Optimization of service processes
  • Training for the workers of sales and purchasing departments
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Development and implementation of procedures
  • Optimization of planning processes
  • Training for the managers


We examine your company’s activities in the areas which you point out in order to precisely describe the aims of the project. During our examinations we concentrate on:

  • Assessment of efficient use of resources in the production area
  • Assessment of efficient use of resources in the administrative area
  • Assessment of efficiency of sales and purchasing departments’ workers
  • Analysis of communication processes inside the company
  • Stock and warehouse management
  • Transport
  • Management and control of the processes
  • Costs
  • Standards of offered services
  • Other tasks described by the customer